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Photo of Sarah Molder, a young white woman with blonde shoulder length hair and brown glasses

Accessibility consultant spotlight: Sarah Molder

This month, we’re excited to spotlight Untapped Associate Sarah Molder. With a background in accessible employment for youth and a focus on disabilities studies, Sarah has been working with Untapped on a range of projects, sharing her lived experience and subject matter expertise with our team and clients. Tell us about… Read More

Headshot of Robbie McDonald

Accessibility consultant spotlight: Meet Robbie McDonald

This month, we’re excited to spotlight Untapped Associate Robbie McDonald. She’s been with Untapped Accessibility since our launch and like all our team, brings valuable lived experience and subject matter expertise in different facets of accessibility.   Robbie is a seasoned accessibility consultant who has supported Untapped with many projects, including… Read More

Headshot of Leanna Manning.

Accessibility consultant spotlight: Meet Leanna Manning

Our talented associates are such a key to our success. Each member of our team brings valuable lived experience as a disabled professional and has subject matter expertise in different facets of accessibility. This month, we’re excited to spotlight Leanna Manning. Leanna (she/they) is an accessible communications and marketing professional… Read More

A group of diverse professionals representing various disability identities gather in a meeting around a conference table. Windows overlook a city skyline.

Operationalizing Accessibility: Insights from Our Year with the Accessible BC Act

In the past year, Untapped Accessibility has supported nearly 120 organizations to address the requirements in the Accessible BC Act. Reflecting on the past year of these partnerships, it becomes clear that the journey towards accessibility isn’t just about compliance. It requires a cultural shift in how organizations perceive and… Read More

Team photo featuring part of the Untapped Accessibility crew.

Accessibility in Action: Celebrating Untapped Accessibility’s First Year in Operation

In a world that’s increasingly recognizing the importance of accessibility, our first year in business has been marked by significant milestones and achievements. We’re bursting with pride to announce that we’re not just growing—we’re flourishing! Our team is expanding, our partnerships are multiplying, and our social impact is reaching new… Read More

Woman with long hair working on a laptop.

The future is accessible, and the future is now.

When the BC Government first proclaimed Disability Employment Month back in 2014, many accessibility advocates were hesitantly hopeful, wondering if it would actually make a difference for people with disabilities.  Social change doesn’t happen over night, but eight years later, I believe the world imagined in that original proclamation has… Read More

Webinar Questions and Answers

The following is a list of the questions posed in the Q+A box at the Accessibility in 2023: Trends and Legislation You Need to Know webinar on January 26th, 2023 Question 1- Encouraging Disclosure         I am interested to hear about the different approaches to gather information from people from within… Read More