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Two colleagues collaborate on a computer.

Making documents accessible: The role of remediation

Creating digital content that everyone can access is crucial. Although built-in accessibility checkers help, making documents accessible needs a specialized skill set known as document remediation. In this post, we explain document remediation. We define what it is, who benefits from it, and why it matters. Plus, we spotlight a… Read More

Anu Pala (she/her), a South Asian woman with long straight dark hair. She is standing at a podium wearing a sleeveless chocolate brown dress smiling with her eyes slightly closed.

Accessibility Consultant Spotlight: Meet Anu Pala

We have such an amazing pool of talented associates at Untapped Accessibility. Join us as we shine a spotlight on Anu Pala (she/her), whose unique contributions and unwavering commitment to accessibility and inclusion embody the ethos that drives our collective mission forward. At Untapped, when we put together a project… Read More